Posted on August 21, 2012
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// FROM RUSSIA: Algodón Egipcio - El Día Previo (Monokle Remix) //

Hey everyone! Today we’re announcing the upcoming release of a remixed version of my debut album, “La Lucha Constante”. It’s called "Los Remixes de La Lucha Constante" and it will be out October 23, on Lefse, FOR FREE.

The catch is: each track of the album is remixed by someone from a different country, and will be premiered on a website from its country of origin. Every week, starting today and in the album order, there will be a new track out and free for download.

We’re kicking this off with the remix of “El Día Previo,” by my new friend Monokle, from St. Petersburg, Russia. Big Echo, an excellent Russian website you should check out right now, just premiered it, so go over there and grab a download (click on the image). This is one of my favorites of all the remixes, so if you dig it go check out Monokle’s Soundcloud.

The artwork for the album and for each track is made, again, by my friend Valentina Alvarado, whom I love and is always helping me with this.

So there it is! Keep checking back here, or on Twitter or Facebook, to get more free remixes every week. Hugs!

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