Posted on October 8, 2012
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// FROM MEXICO/USA: Algodón Egipcio - La Repetición, La Repetición (Francisco y Madero - ‘El Negrito Remix’) //

Because life goes on, in spite of millions of people choosing to self-destruct their country, this week we’re bringing you TWO remixes. The first one premieres today on the always awesome Mexican website Me Hace Ruido, and it was made some time ago by Francisco y Madero. This is the new project of a Mexican little genius called Carlos Pesina (Los Amparito, Pepepe), and his American friend Jess Sylvester.

Click on the image to get it for free! It is one of my absolute favorites from the upcoming remix album. “Los Remixes de La Lucha Constante” will be out October 23rd on Lefse.

Previous remixes:
- El Día Previo (Monokle Remix)
- El Ingenio Humano (Low Sea Remix)
- La Transformación (El Sueño de la Casa Propia Remix)
- Los Párpados Caídos (Pacheko Remix)
- La Condición (La Prueba A) (Torkelsen Remix)
- El Sonido Ensordecedor (White Rainbow 1998 Ford Explorer Interior Remix)

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